Size Guidelines

  • Small: dogs weighing <20 lb
  • Medium: dogs weighing 20-40 lb (or strong chewers <20 lb)
  • Large: dogs weighing 40-60 lb (or strong chewers 20-40 lb)
  • XL: dogs weighing 60-80 lb (or strong chewers 40-60 lb)
  • Mega XL: dogs weighing >80 lb (or strong chewers 60-80 lb)

These are rough guidelines based on our experience with antler sales and conversations with customers over the years. Generally, because Mega XL is such a massive size, we often tell folks it’s OK for larger dogs (even >80 lb) to try the XL size first. You can always try it out and see how your dog does, to decide whether to upsize on your next purchase.

But most importantly, be sure you buy a big enough size that your dog won’t try to swallow it whole! You’d be surprised how many people initially think to buy a Small size for a Great Dane, for instance.  🙂

Why Deer Antler Dog Chews?

  • Last longer than any synthetic dog chew toy
  • Extremely healthy dog chews
  • No calories
  • Abundant source of calcium
  • Dogs LOVE the taste and texture
  • No preservatives and artificial additives like rawhides
  • No splintering like bones
  • Antlers naturally erode with chewing
  • No carpet stains
  • Excellent for dental hygiene
  • Natural, organic, and earth-friendly

Our antlers are ALWAYS sourced from the United States.

Remember, every Deer Antler Dog Chew is a new adventure for your dog! After several months of enjoyment, considering replacing with a fresh chew. Every piece has a different texture, different density, and different shape to keep your pups eternally happy!

Our chews have been scrubbed, cut, pasteurized, disinfected, and flavored with all-natural beef broth. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from veterinary professionals and pet owners alike. Find out what YOUR dogs have been missing!

​Disclaimer:  Like all hard toys, there is a risk of a chipped tooth, particularly among dogs with poor dentition. It is important to monitor your dog, and take away the toy when it becomes so small that it presents a choking hazard.